[[ guess who’s free to draw again~

man, i woke up this morning and had this mighty need to draw Zahra’s roommates (the ones I know of at least). I seriously love all these characters. this house is full of babes who will loudly eat breakfast together and fight over the beds and yell at whoever is hogging the bathroom. since zahra discovered hot showers, she’s gonna be living in there. there goes the hot water whoops sorry mates~ ]]

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    // / Screams loudly THIS IS PERFECT SHAHAHHHHHH —-//
  3. ask-the-nature-lover said: Bwaaah this literally makes me so happy. Also it’s nice to see them all together in one spot. And I. Your style omg they look amazing. Thanks for drawing Cecillia~ you did a lovely job
  4. ask-thecelticdruidess said: gosh, I love your art style style!
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